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Cockpit Video Cameras...The Issues Essays - Aviation Safety

Cockpit Video Cameras...The Issues Essays - Aviation Safety Cockpit Video Cameras...The Issues Introduction The National Transportation Board has recommended to the Federal Aviation Administration that all FAR Part 121, 125, and 135 passenger-carrying aircraft be equipped with cockpit video recorders, cockpit voice recorders and digital flight data recorders (Rimmer, 2000). The use of flight data information has been very useful to the National Transportation Safety Board for solving countless aircraft accidents and mishaps. The recent surge for the upgraded equipment, especially the cockpit video recorders, stems from the crashes of ValuJet Flight 592 in the Florida Everglades, Swissair Flight 111, which crashed off the coast of Halifax, and more recently the EgyptAir 990 crash (Safety Board Favors Cameras For Cockpits, 2000). The current equipment used in the aircraft today is the Cockpit Voice Recorder and the Flight Data Recorder. The cockpit voice recorder records the radio transmissions between the pilots and the air traffic controllers who guide the planes to their designated areas in the air and on the ground. The cockpit voice recorder also records the sounds inside the cockpit between pilots, stall warning signals, engine noise, landing gear extension and retraction, weather briefs, and any other abnormal noises (Barker, 1999). The flight data recorder monitors certain parameters of the actual airplane such as the altitude, airspeed, compass heading, vertical acceleration and time (Maharry, 2000). Definition The National Transportation Safety Board wants to upgrade existing flight data recorders and implement cockpit video recorders for safety reasons and to help solve commercial airline crashes. The airline pilots are against the idea of the cockpit recorders due to the fact that they will be on camera at all times and feel that this is a breach of privacy and the film could be leaked to the media (Sher, 2000). Affected Principles The National Transportation Safety Board has cited that with the help of the cockpit video recorders accidents can be solved more quickly (Safety Board Favors Cameras For Cockpits, 2000). Pilots oppose the use of the cameras stating that it is a breach of privacy into the pilots workspace (Sher, 2000). Unions such as the Air Line Pilots Association think very much the same as the pilots do. The unions think that todays technology is sufficient enough so that cockpit video recorders are not necessary (Mann, 2000). The victims and the lawyers representing the victims want to be active participants in the National Transportation Safety Board investigation (Richfield, 2000). The upgrades and the cockpit video recorders can be beneficial to the airlines themselves. The cockpit video recorders may determine if there were flaws in the manufacturing of the aircraft or pilot error. The passengers who board the aircraft everyday will stand to benefit from the information emotionally and econom ically; confidence in the government to solve these issues is paramount (Hall, 1999). How Principles Are Affected The National Transportation Safety Board wants the cameras to show the whole cockpit to include all crewmembers. The NTSB has stated that the faces of the pilots will not be necessary in the implementation of the video cameras. Two hours of color video will be in constant use in the cockpits. The cameras need to be color due to the color coordination of some of the flight screens in the cockpit. The use of the camera can show the actual settings of the instruments also. The video can be compared to what the flight data recorder indicates. This information can be critical if both recordings show different readings (Safety Board Calls For Cameras In The Cockpit, 2000). The National Transportation Safety Board has indicated that the circuit breaker to the camera will be inaccessible to any of the crew during flight. This decision arises from the idea that the pilot from SilkAir737 pulled the circuit breaker to the flight data recorder before allegedly crashing the plane. (Safety Board C alls For Cameras In The Cockpit, 2000). The National Transportation Safety Board, along with taxpayers, will also be affected economically with the implementation of the recorders. Currently, the National Transportation Safety Board has spent more than 13 million dollars and 2,400 workdays trying to solve the crash of EgyptAir 990. Economic projections for this crash may run as high as 17 million dollars before the investigation is either solved or unsolved (Mann, 2000). The pilots

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Critically analyse the role of the board of directors and senior Essay

Critically analyse the role of the board of directors and senior management in managing enterprise risk in an energy company - Essay Example Energy and Resources companies have come increasingly under the regulatory purview. Due to brisk changes in the industry, they face stiffening regulatory requirements, ever-increasing cyber issues and rapidly changing technology. Such compliances and risks have a strong impact on the company’s operations and business strategies that makes it utterly imperative for the management to adopt approaches to manage and mitigate risks and cope up with regulations. Risk Management in the Energy Sector A good progress has been made in the past in developing comprehensive enterprise risk management (ERM) programs. ERM is set to become an industry standard for management of risk because it is probably the most effective way to manage risk internal or external to the organization (Accenture Global Risk Management, 2011). The key risk areas that have been identified for energy and resources sector can be listed as follows: 1. High competition in the industry participants: Energy industry pa rticipants have a very unique competitiveness. Each player has a different advantage within the industry. One firm may have a good resource support while the other might be a technologically strong firm and a third would have a huge market. Nowadays, competition is shifting and each firm is trying to develop on every frontier. International firms are thus facing challenges by national players reducing their market size. 2. Limited sources of alternative energy: Despite the fact that there are alternatives to limited source of non renewable energy, energy companies still haven’t been able to progress much on developing much on alternative sources. Alternate sources have an irreplaceable demand, but on the supply side, they face a lot of constraints. There hydrocarbon content on earth is enough to last a century, but the problem lies in lack of knowledge on its development and usage. These sources are limited by limitations in scale, feasibility and fitness (Holmes, 2004). 3. G overnment Interventions: Most of government regulations in the energy industry are directed towards regulating supply. Operational policies, regulations on carbon emissions and energy security norms affect both the demand as well as the supply side of energy business. Role of Board of Directors and Senior Management Post recession, the scene for energy companies has not only been tough but also challenging in terms of greater project undertakings and complex compliances. Companies have also had to venture in remotest regions simply to manage demand and supply side challenges. Management has to focus on strategy, production, enterprise risk along with operational excellence. With the advent of regulators, management has started to recognise the need for risk management to enhance business performance. With time, a lot of change has come in managing enterprise risk. New tools, better techniques and risk measuring methodologies have come up. One can only predict how enterprise risk man agement shall evolve in the coming times. As Energy sector risk officers, senior managers and the board of directors need to be have the capability to comprehend what possible risks could potentially arise in the near future and how exactly to take preventive measures that will help in combat. With such approach, all downsides that

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Effective Career Management and Planning and Who Is Responsible for Essay

Effective Career Management and Planning and Who Is Responsible for This - Essay Example Career management's main task is to maintain the careers of the employees who have been enrolled on the active roster of an enterprise or a company and thus bolster their careers in the light of growing trends, changing circumstances and problems that might arise from time to time. This also means that employees are better understood by the organizations not only with regards to their own individual standpoints but from the whole industry's stance as well. This can be a positive sign since people would trust the initiatives which are taken by the corporations and thus aspire to contribute in a better and more productive manner as and when the need arises. In fact, this will be a proactive step rather than the one that needs encouragement and a pat on the back every now and then. Proactive efforts would reap far better and more fruitful results than a company which just praises once an employee does something extraordinary. (Llewellyn, 2002) Career management is not a new field that c omes under the management of human resources in organizations rather it is one tenet which needs to be discussed at length as the same was missing in the past, as far as organizational ranks are concerned.Effective career management comes about with a desire to have personality assessments and then to follow them in line with the technological changes which come ahead in one's career pathway. Advances in different fields of technology have done a great deal to produce miraculous devices and solutions. In some circumstances, however, these advances have created problems for the elderly. More aggressive technology approaches are used to extend the life of the elderly. (Rothwell, 2005) On the whole, the elderly, as well as others, welcome that development - even if they fear some of its consequences. The planning phase within career management and eventually the progression comes about with a sense to 'do it right' and to set the ball rolling within the personality domains. Career mana gement from the perspective of an organization also becomes an interestingly debatable task - more so with the advent of the human resource management regimes. This department takes care of the issues that are encountered by the professionals while they are undergoing career progression, settling problems and a host of other aspects.

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The Century’s Most Groundbreaking Advertising And How It Changed Us All James B. Twitchell Essay Example for Free

The Century’s Most Groundbreaking Advertising And How It Changed Us All James B. Twitchell Essay Just like all the ads around us, it seems as if we are beat over the head with the idea that success comes from distinction. Time and time again, we all hear this notion that if you want to â€Å"break though† the clutter, you have to be different. It’s easier said than done with billions of ads around us. So, where did this all start? We have learned about the days when people would paint their street signs in hopes to be the best barber shop in town. Well of course, with little competition meant great business. Unfortunately, we have grown to live in a world full of competition, for jobs, more money, better education, etc. Now take a step back, the people behind selling you all these things are competing for your attention too. Who is the going to sell you the best education, the best food, where is the best place to get a great job? It’s an all around circle of who can get whose attention. In light of all this information we deal with day in and day out, James B. Twitchell has taken us back to the roots of where our advertising comes from. There were groundbreaking advertisements that opened the door to evolution and change. In his book, â€Å"20 Ads that Shook the World†, we are taken through this history and story of our past. Everyone thinks advertising is just the cousin to the creepy used car’s salesman, but there is a rich culture behind what we do that no one knows about! It’s not just people sitting in conference room thinking about how to get your money, ok, well maybe it is, but it’s not what society makes it out to be. Their ignorance comes from a lack of education. Twitchell’s 20 ads are a plethora of information and as he retells the deep history rooted back to the â€Å"good old days†, he tells this story in hopes of enlightening those with a preconceived notion. Twitchell lays the groundwork for his book through a very interesting introduction chapter. From topics of commercial speech to commercialism, he discusses the cultural phenomenon that makes up ads. He makes it clear from this point on that advertising is not something that leads individuals to buying things. Advertisings its society’s way oh â€Å"blaming† the adman for their incessant purchasing habits. â€Å"Once we are fed and sheltered, our needs are and have always been cultural, not natural†, Twithcell claims, and this basis for writing the book is ingenious. Advertising professions might pick this book up in their spare time for a fun read, but I think he has targeted this novel for those who don’t know. Rightfully so, it is a great book for the avid advertiser in college. Education is key; he makes a point to discuss how you can ask any doctor or lawyer about their history. â€Å"Why do they have institutional memories while admen don’t? Twitchell’s twenty ads address the problem of an incomplete education, so the book serves a great audience. To us (advertisers) ads are an art form, but to the rest of the world it’s all something they glance over for thirty seconds or so and forget down the road. He makes the point to say that we don’t have a story that is unforgettable. We too can be doctors and English professors who can say we have a story to study not â€Å"trash†. To every story there is another story the beginning. If we can appreciate the history behind what we do, society too can learn what is about ads that makes them what they are today. Not all of them of course, but the ones worthy of being considered â€Å"the greatest art form of the twentieth century† (Marshall McLuhan) With this idea that Twitchell is telling a story he has laid the book out into 20 chapters, suitably each chapter recounts the background of each advertisement. The book is a composition of shorts stories that in the end retell the whole idea of what the groundwork for today’s ideas are based off of. His method of developing the story is not really a narration but more of an exposition because he dives into the meaning of each advertisement. His analysis not only recounts the historical background for which the ad was written. However, because the book is also tailored to an â€Å"uneducated audience†, one might consider his thoughts to be more of an argument in some cases. If he wrote the book with the intention of changing the idea of what advertising really is to someone, it might help to say that his method of development can be classified to specific target audiences (both and argument, but more of an exposition). Without a doubt in an advertiser’s mind, Twitchell’s basis and thesis can’t stand to be argued with. Advertiser’s can all agree with the fact that we â€Å"clutter† the world with information, and we all know what it is to put together a great ad. It takes a lot of hard work and you can’t really say there is a formula to it, but we can surely agree on the fact that someone back in the day came up with something that sparked the way we create things today. The greatest example of the book is chapter 13, The Hathaway Man: David Ogilvy and the Branding of Branding. Back in the 1950’s Ogivly came up with this man that everyone wanted to be and every woman wanted to be with. These ads for the Hathaway Shirt Company ran from 1951 to 1990, and for 39 years one man was successful at branding a plain white dress shirt. People wanted this shirt because the loved the man who wore it. Think about today, we want things because of the stigma behind who makes it or who wears it. â€Å"The modern customer of prestige brands wants the mark for all to see†, Hathaway Shirts opened the door for the brand clustered society of today’s logo driven enterprise. Twitchell’s examples, from Marlboro and Listerine mouth wash, to the story of Coke and Christmas, all 20 ads are dissected, bit by bit, to really explain to the reader what is about each ad that started the revolution. Now, who can argue with that?

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Computer Science as a Career :: Computer Programming, Coding

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The field of Computer Science is based primarily on computer programing. Programming is the writing of computer programs using letters and numbers to make "code". The average computer programer will write at least a million lines of code in his or her lifetime. But even more important than writting code, a good programer must be able to solve problems and think logicaly.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The working conditions for a programer very greatly. Most banks require their programers to wear a suit and attend an office during normal work hours. On the other side of the buisness, many game company's and Dot-Com-start-up's allow and incurage a fun work environment. Often including toys, cubicle sleep-in's and cold pizza haphazardly laying accross many a desk. Yet nomatter what the company they all involve the employe to stare at a monitor for endless hours and write the applications of tomorrow on a standard keyboard.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Many programers devote themselves to their craft and thus are compeled to sleep little and acomplish the work in front of them. After leaving the office, (if at all) it is not unusual to spend 8 more hours on the same project at home.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The starting salary for a collage grad or someone of equal ability is about 50-60 a year. High positions requiring people with rare intelect and skill pay up to $300,000.00 per year plus benefits. A rare few achiev millions of dollars on independant/self-employed ventures.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Some things can not be taught and must be present in the prospective programer. For example: the ability to aproach problems methodicaly and solve them with logic. However, Other skills can be tought. Comp. Sci. is becoming widely available in collages and even Highschools. Some technical schools now claim to teach an entire programing language in months.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Opportunities in the field are extremely available to qualified personel. I have heard first-hand accounts of people being yanked out of collage for a programming position at $80,000 a year. With the expanding of the market for technology, comes the need for programers of all backgrounds. Job-security is pretty good as long as you dont kill somebody(wich recently happened at a dot-com-start-up). And the outlook for promotions is good considering the shortage of programers.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There are disadvanges to being a programer. One being that you must risk eye damage with a computer screen every day.

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American Government Oversight

The government of the United States involves the concept in political science known as separation of powers. This concept means that the different branches of government share power amongst themselves. Intricately connected with this concept is the system of checks and balances, which provides that all com/relationship-between-the-three-arms-of-government/">branches of government may challenge the exercise of power by the other branch. More accurately, this concept ensures that one branch would not encroach upon the power of another branch since each branch is given the power to make sure that the others remain acting within their bounds.The system of checks and balances was conceptualized by the Framers to ensure that no branch would overstep its boundaries in the exercise of its powers. For Congress, the system of checks and balances is made effective through its power of oversight (USConstitution. net). One example of congressional oversight relates to interceding with agencies on behalf of the interests of their constituents. Through oversight, Congressmen could look into the operations of agencies and determine whether the interests of their constituents are taken into account.The oversight power of Congress likewise involves the authority to monitor, supervise, and review the activities of the executive branch. The exercise of this power allowed Congress to look out for the interests and benefit of the American people. Examples in history include the opposition to the Vietnam War in the 1960s, and the investigation of the Watergate scandal that unearthed anomalies involving partisan gain (Kaiser, 1988).Another example of congressional oversight involves other channels, such as meetings with the staffs of legislative and executive officials. Through these meetings and consultations with the executive department, Congress is able to propose changes and suggest policies to the executive branch (Kaiser, 1988). It is clear that congressional oversight is very useful in ensuring that the other branches of government, such as the executive branch, do not overstep their boundaries.As representatives of the people, Congress occupies a special role in ensuring that the people’s will and interests are protected, and this duty is accomplished through Congress’ power of oversight. References Kaiser, F. M. (1988). Congressional Oversight of the Presidency. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 499(Congress and the Presidency: Invitation to Struggle), 75-89. USConstitution. net. Constitutional Topic: Checks and Balances. Retrieved March 11, 2008, from http://www. usconstitution. net/consttop_cnb. html

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Michelangelo Buonarrotis The Last Judgement Essay

Michelangelo Buonarrotis The Last Judgement Michelangelo Buonarroti. One of the greatest artists of all time. A man whose name has become synonymous with the word Masterpiece. The second of five brothers, Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 at Caprese in Tuscany. His mother died young and when he was six he was placed with a wet nurse, in a family of stone cutters. His father realized how smart the boy was, he quickly put him in school, and there he learned and studied Latin. While at school he met Francesco Granacci, who was six years older than him and who was learning the art of painting and encouraged Michelangelo to follow. That’s what he did, and now he’s one of the greatest painters of all time. He painted famous†¦show more content†¦In order to show the tragedy of the great moment, Michelangelo imprints almost fatal movement on the humanity which gathers around Jesus. The battle of the Centaurs was a reflection of the scheme of the battles of Alexa nder from Greek sculptures. In the judgement, the ancient idea of destiny and the Nemeses imprint on composition an archaic expressive value which renews, the decision of fates. â€Å"There is an monumental female figure, strongly modeled in the clouds in the left of the painting. She turns toward Christ, the judge and seizes a young girl who clasped her around the waste as an act of protection†.( Abrams pg.107 Michelangelo the painter) The two figures are on the edge of a cloud strip which serves as a sculptured base. â€Å"In Michelangelo’s work, the bodies pass from the sluggishness that joins them with the earth from which they rise with a great deal of difficulty, almost painfully. The ascent is carried out as a rescue in a joining between the colossal nudes†.(Chadwick pg.324)They are still wrapped in laziness and falling backwards, held up by their reborn partner or friend and by the Angels. They are like lifeless bodies in a mission of a sudden newShow M oreRelated Biography of Michelangelo Essay3799 Words   |  16 PagesBiography of Michelangelo The second of five brothers, Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475, at Caprese, in Tuscany, to Ludovico di Leonardo di Buonarotto Simoni and Francesca Neri. The same day, his father noted down: Today March 6, 1475, a child of the male sex has been born to me and I have named him Michelangelo. He was born on Monday between 4 and 5 in the morning, at Caprese, where I am the Podestà  . Although born in the small village of Caprese, Michelangelo always considered himself